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Here it is.... the world's first motivational book punctuated with radio stories.
Many of you have said 'You gotta write a book.' So I did.
I hope after reading it, you'll have a few useful tools for coping
with the mess we're all in politically, and many of us are in personally.
But even if you're exactly where you want to be, I bet you'll laugh at loud at some of the radio stories I tell. Rollye

Rollye James has never ceased to grab my attention by the nose hairs, and tweek.  “What Am I Doing Here?” is a radio action packed motivational trip of a twisted mind. In a good way.  We need more angry white women.
GARY BURBANK - Radio Legend

Anyone who's anyone in the industry knows Rollye James. Her encyclopedic knowledge of radio is legendary, combine that with her real-life experiences from coast-to-coast and you have one of the most intelligent, eclectic and soulful humans on the planet. Her sage advice has been something she has given to me, selflessly, and has been a major component in my life. It will be to you too— after you read this book.
KEVIN GERSHAN - Entertainment Tonight/CBS Television Distribution

Rollye James is that unique voice among my radio brethren who actually puts perspective to the stories we all say we'll write someday. This is one compelling book. More than a where-are-they-now, this is a how-the-hell-did-they-get-there starring names you had forgotten. Until now. I dare you to change this station.
RON FLATTER - ESPN Radio/Fox News Radio/Sport 927 Australia

The first time I heard anyone on a mainstream commercial station discussing the shadow government and the globalists who really call the shots in our country, it was Rollye James, many years ago. I'd take her advice on radio-- or anything else.

Read this book to discover just how radio has shaped American culture and why truth telling radio--the kind of radio you hear from Rollye James--threatens America's ruling elites and their lapdog media.
ROGER HEDGECOCK - Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
Rollye James has been on the radio since the 1960s playing records, reading news, creating commercials and, for the past three decades, hosting talk shows across America where, according to Philadelphia’s City Paper, she’s the personality “Most Likely To Make Rush Limbaugh Sound Rational.”
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